Some films maintain their profile and reputation. Decades of critic lists have ensured that certain untouchable masterpieces are never forgotten.  They’re all out there, you know what they are (if you don’t I’ve gathered my favourites under the Greatest Film tab at the top of the page!) But what of all those films that have, for whatever reason, slipped from public recognition. Film that are as great as any acknowledged masterpiece, but have somehow faded from view and lack the top-drawer recognition they deserve.

Click on the titles below to view an article on each of these truly wonderful but widely forgotten gems of cinema:

THE BALLAD OF JOE HILL (Sweden/USA, 1971) Dir. Bo Widerberg

BEING THERE (USA, 1979) Dir. Hal Ashby

DANGER: DIABOLIK (Italy, 1968) Dir. Mario Bava

DEATH LINE (GB, 1972) Dir. Gary Sherman

DEEP END (GB/West Germany, 1971) Dir. Jerzy Skolimowski

F FOR FAKE (France, 1974) Dir. Orson Welles

A MAN ESCAPED (France, 1956) Dir. Robert Bresson

THE PLOUGHMAN’S LUNCH (GB, 1983) Dir. Richard Eyre

POSSESSION (West Germany/France, 1981) Dir. Andrzej Zulawski

TARGETS (USA, 1968) Dir. Peter Bogdanovich


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